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Social Emotional Learning

Our unique social and emotional learning (SEL) program is a process for helping students develop the fundamental skills for life effectiveness. These skills include recognizing and managing our emotions, developing care and concern for others, establishing positive relationships, making responsible decisions, and handling challenging situations constructively and ethically.

In our SEL program, we offer:

One-on-one counseling in which the school therapist meets individually with students to support them in any roadblock they face. They are provided with tools and strategies to work through hurdles that may feel impossible to a high school student such as peer pressure, grades, teachers, substance abuse, social media, etc.

Small-group gender/age-specific circles in which themes are discussed from a logic-based and mental health perspective in order to support students in making the best choices and decisions that inshaAllah lead them to a life of happiness and contentment.

Gender-specific halaqas in which a religious leader holds informal discussions on important topics with students to support their growth into adulthood.

Whole school circles in which all students meet together to discuss topics, make decisions, explore new ideas, and share emotions as an entire school.

Purpose navigation helps students navigate and strategize about their purposes in life through work experiences.

Restorative practices help students develop and appreciate accountability in their actions.