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Endowment Funds

The Averroes Waqf Fund is a new multi-year capital campaign to be launched in 2021 that will ensure AHS’s ability to sustain itself, grow, provide scholarships to students in need, hire and retain outstanding faculty and staff, nurture our students and meet unanticipated demands.

A donation to the AHS Waqf Fund in any amount will multiply your gift year after year as the principal stays intact and generates income sustainability.

General Endowment

The returns on funds invested in our General Endowment Fund will be used to cover any gaps in operating costs for AHS. Our goal is to raise a $5 million endowment, which will generate the returns needed to cover an average year’s expenses not covered by tuition. With annual expenses covered, Averroes will be able to focus on raising funds for longer term goals such as a permanent location and gym facilities.

Designated Endowments

A gift of $10,000 or more can be established with returns dedicated to a specific purpose such as a particular student scholarship, a particular academic department, sports funding, science labs, teacher professional development, workshops, etc.

By hosting our fund at the American Muslim Community Foundation, we ensure that all investments are rigorously sharia compliant. The Averroes Waqf Fund is overseen by the Board of Directors according to our Endowment Policy (link to policy?) to provide a perpetual stream of income to the school.

Donate online

To donate via PayPal, click the PayPal "Donate" button below. You can also setup recurring donations through PayPal

Contact Shabnem Lakhani at to discuss contributing to the Averroes Waqf Fund or setting up a designated endowment.

AHS is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization, EIN: 27-4119068. We welcome people of all faiths, backgrounds and financial situations.