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Workshops & Internships


During their senior year, students choose an internship of their choice, giving them a "real world" perspective, and a chance to acquire new skills, build a solid resume, network with potential employers and learn from other professionals. An internship will help students get an accurate idea of what working in a career is really like and explore different roles within a workplace. They will have the chance to learn from new people with experience in their field of interest and gain new mentors, learn about workplace culture and etiquette, and possibly collect college credits or a certification.


Students at Averroes will be paired up with a mentor in the career of their interest during their junior year. Perhaps no other intervention in the lives of young people makes as much impact as mentoring by caring and competent adults. Research supports that students who participate in carefully planned, long-term mentoring programs have higher grade-point averages, are more likely to attend college or post-secondary training programs, and report improved social and family relationships.