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College Prep

Averroes is a fully college-prep high school. We offer everything a student needs to build for a successful college application and career without needing to arrange costly outside tutoring or activities. We work with students individually to help them get into the college of their choice, including these that accepted Averroes alumni in the past: UC Berkeley, Cornell, UC Davis, UCLA, Purdue, NYU, Spelman, Santa Clara, SF State, SJ State, San Diego State, and Zaytuna College

Individual roadmap

Every Averroes freshman begins preparing for their choice of college and career on day 1. They are individually assessed for knowledge and skills gaps, which are then addressed. Our freshman students begin by creating a four-year road map to chart out their four years at Averroes to help them achieve their career/future goals. This includes academic, personal, and extra-curricular goals. Next, students meet one-on-one with the school counselor and their respective advisors to identify their goals and ensure they are on track to meet their goals. Substantial benchmarks are set throughout each year, which allows them to assess and re-examine the roadmap. This also allows students to plan for their college classes and summer activities. Finally, the roadmap is shared with parents, teachers, and students to provide clarity and allow everyone involved to refer to it regularly and support the students in achieving their goals.


Throughout their Averroes journey, they progress through increasingly challenging academics, including AP, college classes, PSATs, SATs, and individualized tutoring and mentoring.

Preparing for robust college applications

A strong college application is well-rounded (Harvard University’s “What We Look For”), so at Averroes, academics are only the beginning of college prep. Our students play competitive team sports; start, join and lead clubs; take electives; perform community service; plan, design and implement their own multi-disciplinary Culminating Session project; plan, design and implement their own community service intervention, and more.


Throughout their journey, our low student-teacher ratio means each student’s strengths and weaknesses are seen and addressed by their teachers. Each student receives college counseling, SAT preparation, college application essay writing help, and advice from their college counselor and advisors.

Readiness and skills building

Getting into college is just the first step. Averroes prepares students for success in college and beyond by cultivating academic and life skills that prepare them for the many challenges ahead. From the time freshmen enter Averroes until they graduate, social and emotional learning is mainstreamed in academic curricula and school culture. As they grow from children into young adults, we strengthen their ability to hold themselves accountable for commitments to themselves and others, make good decisions, have self-awareness and self-regulation, have healthy relationships and social consciousness.

Islamic compass

Although not formally part of college-prep, Averroes alumni report that the solid Muslim identity and the comfort and confidence in their faith that they developed during their time at Averroes acted as a “silver bullet,” anchoring and guiding them to make good choices during their college years.