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Developing Muslims

Developing Muslims is the foundation of AHS school culture, students’ personal growth, social emotional learning, soft skills, and college preparedness. In a safe space, students are guided in cultivating personal growth, determining their role in the community, exploring their interests, building supportive relationships with peers and advisers, developing behaviors that lead to success and academic rigor, advocating for their needs, using restorative conflict resolution, developing social, emotional and leaderships skills, making thoughtful decisions about the future, and achieving balance between academic and extracurricular life. Each student receives individual support and guidance as they monitor their academic progress under the guidance of caring adults, build supportive relationships with peers and advisors, and develop behaviors that lead to success in school and beyond. Each grade level’s curriculum is tailored to students’ individual needs to prepare them for the next set of obstacles.

Typically, 9th graders enter Averroes with specific learning gaps and needs. In Developing Muslims, we mentor freshmen as they navigate school culture, personal growth through social-emotional learning, soft skills, and college preparedness.

When they reach 10th grade, we develop and fortify skills and traits cultivated in freshman year, and we focus on the next step in their personal growth: academic rigor, college preparedness, and building leadership skills. Students begin to formulate their choices and achieve balance between academic and extracurricular life.

11th grade is usually the most challenging year. In Developing Muslims, we focus on providing individual support and guidance to juniors as they begin the college process, prepare for exams, college essays, internships, and more. The expectation for our juniors is that they take on more of a leadership role in building the Averroes High School community.

The goal in 12th grade Developing Muslims is to prepare students for independent, post-Averroes life. We help them cultivate and embrace the passions, personalities, and strengths that make them unique. Students will receive individual support and guidance with college applications, scholarships, acollege essays, and internships. The expectation for an Averroes Senior is to be a leader in the Averroes community, as well as affecting our surrounding community. As seniors reflect on their future, they will focus on the legacy they will leave behind as individuals and as a class.