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As part of the Averroes tradition of holistic education, each grade participates in travel learning to provide experiential knowledge of subjects covered in the classroom. Travel is a core component of our curriculum and is required for all of our students. Trips are scheduled in March, April and May.

9th and 10th Grade

Our 9th and 10th grade students embark on two trips on alternate years: to the Navajo Nation in Arizona, and to the American South to learn about the Civil Rights movement.

Navajo Nation: This trip aligns with the World Cultures and Geography course, which includes Native American Studies as well as U.S History. The trip provides context to what students have been learning throughout the year, and insha’Allah the hands-on learning further invigorates their interest in the content. Students leave feeling appreciation for and responsibility towards indigenous peoples, and the earth they lived on before the colonization. The main purpose of the trip is service learning and cultural exchange with the Navajo people. Students will share meals, repair sites, and learn from each other. Other activities include hiking and museum visits.

Southern Civil Rights Movement: Students experience a five-day historical and educational tour by bus through several states in the American South. Tours focus on historical sites of the Civil Rights Movement and leave students enlightened and empowered.

11th Grade

In the 11 grade, students travel to the nation’s capital city, Washington D.C. This trip aligns with the U.S. Government and Civics course that is taken junior year, and the Policy and Advocacy seminar.

12th Grade

In the 12th Grade, Averroes students travel to Islamic Spain. In Spain, students explore various cities from Madrid to Granada, visit the home of our namesake, Averroes (Ibn Rushd), and discover numerous contributions of Muslims of the past and today. This trip brings life to the real contributions of Muslims in the West and inspires our students to become changemakers in our society today.