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Our History

Averroes High School was founded in 2010 by a a group of educators eager to provide a strong option for the Muslim youth in the Bay Area. These Muslim educators joined together their classical teaching knowledge with their modern teaching skills along with a constant lens or morality and hope in supporting students for success. It is our goal to support our students with a strong sense of identity and clarity of vision.

Our history

"The most important process of identity development takes place during adolescence."

– Erik Homburger Erikson

We believe that spiritual maturation translates into both academic and social success. Our goal is to help young adults comfortably transition into adulthood with a clear sense of self through knowledge, experience, direction, respect, and support. The school is named in honor of Ibn Rushd, the famed philosopher known to the West as Averroes (1126-1198). Referred to as “The Great Commentator” by St. Thomas Aquinas for his authoritative study of Aristotle, Averroes was a trained master in areas of logic, law, medicine, astronomy, geography, music theory, mathematics, and more, and his work is cited in some of the West’s most definitive scholarship.

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Averroes High School serves a need. The teen years are the most formative years of an individual’s life, a period of intellectual and moral growth. During this time, most young adults grapple with identity issues, peer pressure, bullying, depression, etc. Without strong role models or a force of spirituality, it is dangerously easy for the average teen to spiral downwards. But with proper guidance and direction, they begin choosing for themselves. Our goal is to provide a space that focuses on academic discipline and prepares students for life.

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