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At Averroes, relationships are central to character building and leadership building. If students do not feel a part of the school, they will not thrive in it. We put in the time, resources, and effort to ensure our teachers build strong mentoring relationships with their students and also encourage students to continue to develop their relationships with one another. All humans need practice working through social skills and “soft skills.” Without time and conversation around conflict management and restoring relationships, students build up frustration, anger, and hate, leading to more severe issues.

In addition to individual teacher-student mentoring, our Developing Muslims class is the foundation of AHS school culture, students’ personal growth, social emotional learning, soft skills, and college preparedness. In a safe space, students are guided in cultivating personal growth, determining their role in the community, exploring their interests, building supportive relationships with peers and advisers, developing behaviors that lead to success and academic rigor, advocating for their needs, using restorative conflict resolution, developing social, emotional and leaderships skills, making thoughtful decisions about the future, and achieving balance between academic and extracurricular life. Each student receives individual support and guidance navigating the college selection and application process, essays, scholarships, exams, internships, and taking a leadership role among their cohort at AHS and in the community. Students graduate ready to embrace the passions, personalities and strengths that make them unique, while looking to the future and reflecting on the legacy they want to leave behind as individuals and as a class.

We also incorporate time for school spirit through student council activities and formal team building opportunities and events throughout the year.

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