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Faith in Action

As the 21st Century advances, communities and nations face formidable social, environmental and civic challenges. Averroes believes in the duty of Muslims young and old to engage in khidma, service to humanity. Our Faith in Action course guides students as they perform their khidma by choosing an issue, local or global, that is meaningful to them. Independently or in teams, students craft their own unique service project over the course of their four years at Averroes.

Students choose an issue, locate and partner with organizations committed to change, and navigate the design thinking process to arrive at a “human centered solution” in response to a local or global issue by the course’s conclusion. In doing so, they increase their powers of observation, creative capacity, collaboration, and solution building; interrogate and practice their faith in pursuit of this solution; develop and practice social and emotional skills and growth mindset; and advance towards school-wide learning outcomes. The course begins with empathy towards those they are trying to serve, defining the problem, ideation, developing a prototype, and ends with testing and implementing their solution.