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School Culture

Culture is the way people think, act, and interact. Averroes school culture is integral to the success of our program and is shaped with intention, research and care. With pursuit of the sunna and Prophetic ideal as our foundation, we put our beliefs into practice through actions and structures that support positive growth.

We foster a community of learners in the students but also the faculty and parents. Everyone is encouraged to look into the root of an issue and dive deep into questions of why. The staff has ample opportunities for professional development and growth, from the workshops and lectures to classroom visits, peer and self-observations, and the internal professional learning communities. The classroom culture is such that it prefers depth over breadth, while the general student culture is one of commitment and friendship. We cultivate this vibrant and supportive culture through maintaining:

  • Small-group work
  • Teacher-student ratio is 1:8
  • Individualized programs for all students
  • Strong student voice and presence
  • Learning communities for students, staff and parents
  • A healthy Parent Teacher Organization (PTO)